Restaurant Aleia

Restaurant Aleia - Casa Fuster

Premium Mediterranean cuisine

ALEIA, the restaurant run by Italian-Argentine chef Paulo Airaudo, with Jerez-born Rafael de Bedoya as head chef, offers a unique gastronomic experience on the main floor of the Hotel Casa Fuster.

The international career of Paulo, awarded 5 stars in the Michelin Guide, and the talent and hard work of Rafa Bedoya have resulted in a proposal that combines tradition and avant-garde, classic techniques and contemporary influences, always placing seasonal products at the heart of the menu.

Each bite and every dish has its own characteristic flavour, earning the restaurant 1 Michelin star from the Michelin Guide and 1 Sun from the Repsol Guide.

Restaurant Aleia offers a unique tasting menu, a sample of its cuisine and philosophy. Its menu varies according to the season and availability of products, primarily fish and seafood.
In the midday service and only during the week, there is also a smaller tasting menu.

Restaurant Aleia Restaurant does not have menus for children or high chairs, so children under 10 years are not recommended (the menu is for adults).